"Hebei Donghua Real Estate Group Annual Workshop 2019"

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"Hebei Donghua Real Estate Group Annual Workshop 2019"

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February 1, "Hebei Donghua Real Estate Group 2019 Annual Workshop" was solemnly held in the group auditorium. Wang Guidong, Chairman of Hebei Donghua Industrial Group, Wang Yong, President of Real Estate Group, and Li Weicheng, Yang Xiaohui, Gejina, Zhang Wenzhi and other senior executives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Wenzhi and attended by more than 100 managers and staff representatives from the group headquarters and Guye Company.

Chairman Wang Guidong made an important speech at the meeting.

President Wang Yong made a report on "Welcoming the New Era, Standardizing, Promoting Innovation, Winning the Future, and Constantly Working for Writing a New Chapter of Donghua Real Estate".

Vice President Li Weicheng, on behalf of Guye Company, made a report on "Summary of Guye Project Department in 2018 and Work Plan in 2019".

After the end of the annual work meeting, the New Year Festival Festival was held. The self-compiled, self-directed and self-directed programs by the employees of the Real Estate Group are colorful and festive, fully demonstrating the innovative and positive demeanor of the "East Chinese".

Leaders such as Wang Aiqin, Zhao Yajing, Wen Shuren and Zhang Guosheng of Hebei Donghua Industrial Group were invited to attend relevant activities.


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